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1 Night Stand


By formal definition - A 1 Night Stand is a single performance in one locale lasting for just one night, either a sexual encounter or a social event, before moving on to the next engagement, or a location where such an event might take place. It also can refer to the participants in such an encounter - as in these circumstances - the artist, the subject and the viewer.


Our events with this name, 1 Night Stand, are an ongoing series of by invitation evenings in unique locations that explore a visual sensuality via artworks across various media and disciplines. This is a fantastic opportunity for both first time buyers as well as seasoned collectors to indulge themselves in a unique art treasure that they previously did not know where to source.

Curated by Two Window Project, these 1 Night Stand events are certainly uncommon in their content, presentation, quality and company.


Information on our next 1 Night Stand event is as follows:


Friday - 14 April 2017

16:00 - 19:00 h

Juniper @ the Axel Hotel

Lietzenburger Strasse 13

in Berlin-Schöneberg


This event will feature a selection of photographs from Berlin Sneakers

with music by DJ Braden (Berlin-USA)

open to the public - no cover - cash bar

facebook event link: 1 Night Stand



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